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Paramount Pizza ( Est 1988 )
We have been serving pizzas in Lisburn for over 25 years now.

We use only the freshest ingredients on your pizza. Our secret pizza sauce recipe and our freshly made dough blend together to make a distinguished tasty pizza - A PARAMOUNT PIZZA !

We pride ourselves on Quality, we cook our pizzas thoroughly to ensure a crisp crust, this ensures the sauces , cheese and toppings infuse in the oven to create that mouth watering taste.

We pride ourselves on Speed, we have the fastest pizza chefs in N.I, and we have a delivery service that is second to none and we strive to improve this regularly.

We pride ourselves on Value, we offer the MOST competitive deals , check out our Beat The Clock Offer & 10.99 Margherita special ... Wow !

We pride ourselves on Innovation, we offer a new online ordering system with loyalty scheme so our regular customers can be rewarded for their loyalty.

We pride ourselves on Choice, we bring our customers an extensive menu , with more new products regularly!